Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stiching to Save my Sanity

A very good friend of mine is a stitching goddess! Sparks fly as her needle moves at lightening speed, and OMG! the beauty of her work can be breath- taking! As all things go yes I can stitch but no where near to what she can do, I just want to make myself perfectly clear on this fact!
And as I said in my eariler post, stress levels were at melt down mode and she is such a friend that would listen and let me escape for a moment or two all the craziness in just a simple phone call between friends. After my normal whin and bitch about my crew, we would always get to the part of telling each other what all we were working on. In these conversations she always spoke about her stitching with such passion to the point I would envy her talent. Now remember I am stitch too.
I was out on a mission the other weekend searching for some scrapbooking supplies and I ran across this cross stitch kit. Long story short the light bulb went off and the kit came home with me! Just maybe this would be the answer to some alone time for me. I know it was wishing big but what the heck I was going to give it a shot! Now here is a fact about me that you just might not know. When I get an idea I think BIG! Just remember that. LOL
After a good 8 to 10 yrs of not touching a needle or hoop here is the kit that I bought.

And here is what I have gotten done after a little over a week of stitching!

Being brave enough to post this I can assure you that my "stitching goddess" friend is laughing so hard that she is going to need some Depends but what can I say these few stitches are saving my sanity!

Good Morning World!

I have talked and talked about doing a blog and just never got around to it. But guess what? The time has come for this crazy old lady to bite the bullet and jump in the deep end! Yes I am now a blogger! LOL!
I guess my biggest hurdle was wondering why in the world would anyone want to know what is going on in my little spot in the universe.
Life isn't all that grand for me, and it has a tenancy to be a bit crazy! Anyone that knows me knows that my plate is full. Full to the point that crap is oozing off the sides on a daily basis! And that is putting it lightly!
As things go I am usually super busy doing for members of my family to the point that I never sit down and do something for me! With stress levels at a major breaking point I said the hell with it all and stole some of my time back from my family! This being my first post I guess I am going to let the world know just what I have being doing.
Yes most of you are going to find this boring as all get out but you have to remember you were warned! Remember I did say time has come for this crazy old lady to jump in the deep end. LOL! I do hope that some of you will enjoy my rambling no matter how crazy I am, and if not just don't call the Funny Farm as this bunch around here wouldn't be able to find their way out of a wet paper bag if they haul me off! LOL!